has anyone else here read the Tennis Shoes Adventure series?

by chris heimerdinger
Tennis shoes among the Nephites
Gadiantons and the Silver Sword
The Feathered Serpent, Parts 1 and 2
The Sacred Quest
The Lost Scrolls
The Golden Crown
The Warriors of Cumorah
Tower of Thunder
Kingdoms and Conquerors

who is your favorite character?
what is your favorite part?
if you have read them then you know why this is under the R&S section
yes i have heard of his movie, Passage to Zarahemla- really looking forward to it.

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8 thoughts on “has anyone else here read the Tennis Shoes Adventure series?”

  1. I have read most of them. My brother has them all! I don’t have a favorite part, but I do have a favorite book. It is Gadiantons and the Silver Sword. My favorite character is Garth. He is cool!!!

  2. Wow, that is taking me way back. I can’t remember much. I think I liked Garth? maybe, that is about the only name I remember. Have you heard of the movie that they just released based on his books?

  3. Read the first couple too many years ago to want to calculate — but did see the movie ‘passage to zarahemla’ a couple weeks ago — it was great — very funny, good action for the kids, well acted & directed… one of the better lds films to come out

  4. I have not read them in a looooooong time. I have to go back and do it again, because I was actually thinking about them the other day, and I don’t remember anything!!! lol

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